Tenzin Kyizom

Clinical Research Program Coordinator

Tenzin Kyizom is a Clinical Research Program Coordinator at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. She formerly served as a Director of Nursing for an adolescent psychiatric residential treatment facility in New York and as a Nursing Administrator for Mount Sinai Hospital overseeing from critical care, emergency department to various specialties (cardiac, GI, med-surg, psych, pediatrics). She offers comprehensive experience within hospital, acute care, and residential treatment settings. Tenzin received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from New York City Tech. She has earned a Master of Science in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) from NYU and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Tenzin has worked on a research project that consist of a virtual platform system designed to help patients overcome opioid addiction at a substance clinic in New York. Tenzin looks forward to working on the RECOVER project funded by NIH and continuing her education.

Tenzin Kyizom



Masters of Business Administration


Master of Science Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

NYC Tech

Bachelor of Science in Nursing