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So much we can learn

Our bodies carry important records of the chemicals that come into our bodies and chemicals produced within our bodies. By collecting materials from the body we can learn about what the body is expressing now, and sometimes, what the body has experienced in the past. For example, baby teeth provide a little time capsule chemical record of what the fetus was exposed to during pregnancy. It is not possible to see all chemicals, but for example, we can measure micronutrients and toxicants, like lead, in baby teeth.


Scientists around the world are working to improve what it is possible to glean from body materials. Videos below provide illustration of how to collect materials in your home.

Tasso Demo Camden (age 11)
Breastmilk Collection - English
Stool Collection (English)
Hair clipping (Spanish)
Hair clipping (Engish)
Breastmilk (English)
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