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One MRI System,
Many Uses

Check out our image gallery, featuring pregnant moms, excited dads, infants, and children volunteering for brain MRI studies!

Join hundreds of citizen scientists and volunteer for research!

Amazing images

Never a dull moment when you take images of the inside of your body!

Learn something new

Not your everyday activity. This is a totally new experience for most of our creative citizen scientists.

Give to science

The work you do with us has potential to help someone that may really need it.

This video chronicles the MRI visit experience of Julia, who participated in a study we led at Stanford University a number of years ago!

13-year-old Julia, describes the experience in her own words. Special Thanks to Dr. Silvia Bunge, who led development of this video.

And here is another video of a child MRI research study - from our colleagues at University of Maryland! And another video from our colleagues at University of Oklahoma!

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