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One Park Avenue, NY

We cherish our special spaces to engage with families that participate in our research. Many of our participating families will visit us at One Park Avenue in spaces adjacent to The Child Study Center. Others may be invited to participate in research MRI studies at The Center for Brain Imaging. Pictures below take you through the One Park Avenue Pediatric Neurodevelopment lab. We thank our donors and the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at NYU Langone for supporting this unique space for discovery!



This is the place where our little visitors can crawl on the floor and get comfy. Scienceopolis has built in cameras that are used to record infants and toddlers during behavioral tests. Some little visitors to this room may even get to wear an fNIRS cap, which records brain activity while they play games.


This room is the home of "Swoop", our Hyperfine portable MR imaging system. Swoop is big technology in a small shell. We use Swoop to take 3D brain pictures. Lucky research volunteers may even get a 3D reconstruction of their own brain printed on our connected 3D printer.


Observation Station

This room is the place where you can find our practice MRI machine. It looks like a real MRI machine, but it cannot actually take pictures and does not have a magnetic field. However, it is a pretty nifty thing to have, because it can help children to become comfortable and practice holding their wiggly bodies very still.


This room may be small, but it is mighty. This is a comfy interview room that has built in audio-visual recording capability if needed.



This is were we process study biospecimens and store them in our small (ish) negative 80 degree freezer until they can be transferred to our (much larger) NYU storage facility. Do not be fooled by this picture; this room is often bustling with activity.

Discovery Lab

This is the home of our developmental lab EEG systems. We have EEG caps to fit all sizes of heads, from little babies to full grown adults. EEG can measure brain activity at lightning-speed pace, making it ideal for tracking the very fast signals in the human brain.


Central Headquarters

This testing room is plopped right in the middle of all of the action. It is a perfect spot to catch up on tasks or have an impromptu meeting. It can also be used for behavioral testing of older kiddos.

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