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Self-Report Data from 1,500+ adults with COVID-19

Data provided here were generated during preparation of two manuscripts led by Drs. Ji and Hendrix, respectively...

Ji, L., Hendrix, C.L., Thomason, M.E. (in Revision) Empirical evaluation of human fetal fMRI preprocessing steps. Network Neuroscience.

Hendrix, C., Ji, L., Majbri, A., Werchan, D., Burt, A., & Thomason, M. (In prep). Fetal origins of emotion regulation: Prospective associations between fetal functional connectivity and aggression in toddlers.

1. Human Fetal Group ICA Results

Fetal group ICA was conducted using the GIFT v3.0b Toolbox, decomposing the preprocessed data (EPI, TR = 2s) into 35 independent components, each of which exhibited a unique time course profile. The product of this ICA analysis is provided here.


The following outputs are provided.

  • "Ji2022_Subject_Info.xlsx" Age, Sex and Frame Count for 120 fetuses included in the ICA

  • “Hendrix_ICA_tmap_components.nii”: t maps of the resultant 35 components

2. Fetal Brain Mask - Ji 2022 Network Neuroscience Study

In the Ji Network Neuroscience study, we used a dilated mask before the individual-level denoising to repress background noise while minimizing risk of unintentionally cutting out meaningful BOLD signals. The following masks files are used as described in the manuscript.

  • “mask_wk_32.nii”: a mask probability map. A binary mask can be derived from the probability map from 0 to 1.

  • “mask_wk32_bin.nii”: a binary mask file created by thresholding the above probability mask at 0.3.

3. Seed Masks Across Gestational Ages - Ji 2022 Network Neuroscience Study

Seed masks across GAs are provided here, located approximately at the supplementary motor area (SMA), insular, cerebellum, putamen, precuneus, medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), thalamus, and the visual cortex. The seeds were manually defined as spheres with a 3mm radius using Mango Multi-image Analysis software.

  • “CER_wk **.nii.gz”: bilateral cerebellum seeds

  • “Insula_wk**.nii.gz”: bilateral insular seeds

  • “mPFC_wk**.nii.gz”: bilateral medial prefrontal cortex seeds

  • “PreCuneus_wk**.nii.gz”: bilateral precuneus seeds

  • “Putamen_wk**.nii.gz”: bilateral putamen seeds

  • “SMA_wk**.nii.gz”: bilateral SMA seeds

  • “THAL_wk**.nii.gz”: bilateral thalamus seeds

  • “VIS_wk**.nii.gz”: bilateral seeds for the visual cortex

Image by Robina Weermeijer


Files are available as a single zip file

Seed ROIs in Ji 2022 Network Neuroscience

Seeds in downloadable file correspond to those used in seed based connectivity analysis in this paper

Link to manuscript
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